Think! Bubble Maps

Think! Bubble Maps

Draw bubble maps for your thoughts

Think! Bubble Maps is a Windows desktop application to create and publish bubble maps. Features include:

WYSIWYG workspace

The screen shows the actual page to be printed.

With advanced zoom features, think! allows you to create bubble maps as they appear in print

No flicker

We've been working on the drawing and now its flicker free

More annotations

Introducing the tick and cross annotations - allows think!

to be used for TODO lists

Spell checking

A spell check engine has been added. Spell checking is automatically invoked when adding item text or when adding notes.

Spelling preferences can be set from the Preference menu

Map shapes

As well as the standard oval shape, you can choose for over 20 other shapes.

Shapes can also be applied to Text Boxes


Map items can now have an icon that allows you to class the map. Choose from a list of icon including 'Action', 'Error', 'Help' and 'Paper Clip'

Office XP Menus

Better look and feel for the menus.

Think! Bubble Maps


Think! Bubble Maps